(908) 269-8471  Solar Lighting Over 2,000 models of commercial lighting.  Complete with a Solar Electric Power Assembly (SEPA).          
DuraTrack Array Technologies’ DuraTrack HZ Solar Tracker optimally balances performance with high durability, long-term reliability, and minimal operation and maintenance, to maximize the ROI for utility-scale projects.  Standby Generators 7 kW, 10 kW, 15 kW & 20 kW Uses Natural Gas or Propane           GE Wattstation GEM Solar Properties will be one of the leaders in developing solar powered charging stations featuring the GE Watt Station.           Commercial Solar Powered Charging Station Aqua Spray Cool and clean solar P.V. modules at the same time.           Cool and Clean your solar P.V. modules. WePower Wind Turbine The vertical axis windturbines harness the power of the wind and convert it into electrical energy.  The blades convert the energy into rotational forces.            Cool and Clean your solar P.V. modules. • Live Video & images from our Solar Farms under constructions • All cameras will have pan, tilt and zoom capabilities • Public view and owner view features • Cameras will have 24/7 access from your computer • Links will be available as work begins at each site.