(908) 269-8471  General Electric intends to be the leader in smart grid charging of electric vehicles. GE already helps thousands of electric utilities be more efficient in generating power and in distributing power. With a growing family of smart grid solutions including smart charging of vehicles, GE will help utilities lead in the intelligent generation, management, distribution, and use of energy. The Future is here... The GE Watt Station is the first in a family of vehicle smart charging products and services from GE. It will be piloted this year at commercial sites universities such asPurdue and the University of California San Diego. Within a couple of months we will see the announcement of a GE home plug-in car charger. These products will be made available commercially in 2011 simultaneously in all markets including the Americas, Europe and Asia. Data Sheet The Future is around the corner for your car with GE Smart Charging stations for your electric cars! GEM Solar Properties will be one of the leaders in developing solar powered charging stations featuring the GE Watt Station. GEM is focusing on areas in New Jersey where connecting the watt station to the existing power grid is not possible. The solar charging stations will be designed to operate without need for the power grid. The solar charging stations will open up areas to electric vehicles which would otherwise not be accessible do to the lack of the power grid. GEM Solar Properties Solar Charging Stations will be interactive systems with battery back-up. If you would like more information on how you could have a charging station installed on you out of the way site, contact one of our design experts.