(908) 269-8471  Data Sheet [Download generators Data Sheet as PDF] National Renewable Energy Laboratories Customer Installations Utility Scale. Proven Performance! Array Technologies’ DuraTrack™ Solar Tracker optimally balances performance with high durability, long-term reliability, and minimal operation and maintenance, to maximize the ROI for utility scale projects. Array Technologies’ DuraTrack single-axis tracking system generates more power with fewer motors per megawatt than any other utility scale tracking system. Adaptable to a diverse range of topography, environmental conditions and site configurations, the horizontal beam DuraTrack has undergone independent engineering review and rigorous testing, including full-scale wind tunnel testing. Intelligent design principles results in a robust and reliable tracker that reduces the critical labor and time required to install and maintain the system. Why DuraTrack™ ? Smart Design Unlike "push-pull" linear actuator designs, DuraTrack™ HZ's patent- pending rotating gear-drive system allows each tracker row to be offset from the next in any direction, allowing more design flexibility. Flexibility The tracker that adjusts to variable terrain. Array's proprietary articulating drive joints ease installation, particularly on sites with elevation changes or uneven property boundary lines. Reliability The DuraTrack™ tracking system has undergone thorough testing in a full-scale wind tunnel to enable a better understanding of wind load interactions on our tracking systems. Simplicity The DuraTrack™ solar tracker optimally balances performance with easy installation and low maintenance. All parts and materials are robust and reliable. Reliathon Ready Array Technologies and solar energy global leader Suntech Power have formed an alliance to expedite the development of utility-scale solar plants: the Reliathon Utility Solar Platform. This innovative, fully integrated solution provides utility-scale system developers a comprehensive reduction in costs. Hooper, Colorado Blythe, California Anthem, Arizona Les Borges Blanca, Spain